Jonas Brothers Promote 'Camp Rock 2' And TV Stars Tease Next Season's Plots In Today's Tweet Dreams

JoBro fans rejoice: Today is the day "Camp Rock 2" hits theaters (in case you hadn't guessed yet from our many posts)! Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas all took to their respective Twitters to express their excitement about the film's release, retweet fans' enthusiasm and try to get their celebrity friends to spread the news. Joe tried to hook in Ryan Seacrest by asking, "Yo! You watching camp rock 2 tonight???" while Nick tweeted at Kim Kardashian with, "you watching camp rock tonight Kim?" and Kevin got at Lebron James with, "you watching camp rock tonight! Haha."

Fans of television shows "30 Rock" and "The Vampire Diaries" got some spoilery treats on Twitter today from actress Elizabeth Banks and "VD" writer Julie Plec. "Spoiler alert: Avery Jessup is back," Elizabeth tweeted about her return to the sitcom. "Shot an EP this week. RT @ruthafrita will you be back in #30ROCK season 5 ?" Julie, on the other hand, was having some trouble sleeping, tweeting, "Insomnia redux. Werewolves on the brain."

Check out the best of the rest of Friday's celebrity tweets to see which actress is campaigning to have her canceled show made into a movie and which flick Rainn Wilson plans on remaking! Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!

@devonesawa My homework to you.... Graffiti the Word "Nikita" across a major city landmark and snap a twit-pic. First Price: Snoopy Snow Cone Maker... JUST KIDDING.

-Devon Sawa, Actor ("Nikita")

@peterfacinelli Saw all of the #ilovepeterfacinelli tweets yesterday. Thank you. #Iloveyourightback

-Peter Facinelli, Actor ("The Twilight Saga: Eclipse")

@msamberpriley New York, hello old friend :) I've missed you...

-Amber Riley, Actress ("Glee")

@damonlindelof LOST is up for SCREAM AWARDS. I am not remotely above begging for votes.

-Damon Lindelof, Writer, Producer, Showrunner ("LOST")

@brendanrobinson Today's my first day of shooting for the next 12 episodes of PLL!!! Super Stoked!!!

-Brendan Robinson, Actor ("Pretty Little Liars")

@imkristenbell a pretty genius idea via @IwillcVMmovie #veronicamars photo campaign info -> #veronicamarsmovie

-Kristen Bell, Actress ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall")

@rainnwilson Following in the footsteps of Gus Van Sant's "Psycho" w Vince Vaughn, I'm doing the lead role in a shot 4 shot exact remake of "The Rocker."

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Office")

@mindykaling @eliroth I need more non-Exorcisty updates. Like about partying and girls and outfits and stuff.

-Mindy Kaling, Writer, Actress ("The Office")

@kellanlutz Jasmin. It was a pleasure meeting you! Hope you have a wonderful 13th birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

-Kellan Lutz, Actor ("The Twilight Saga: Eclipse")