'Killers' EXCLUSIVE DVD Extra Reveals Ashton Kutcher's Inner Action Hero

With "Killers" hitting DVD and Blu-Ray next Tuesday, MTV was lucky enough to land an exclusive look at some of the behind-the-scenes fight training that went into Ashton Kutcher's assassin character. Since Katherine Heigl didn't do too much fighting in this flick (at least in the trailer all we saw was her endless screaming), the behind-the-scenes DVD extra focuses entirely on Ashton's action hero training.

"He got jacked up for this role. I mean, he looks good. And I like the ladies, but he looks good," "Daily Show" funny man and "Killers" costar Rob Riggle joked.

"[Ashton's character] Spencer is James Bond, Jason Bourne, with a touch of Jet Li and Jackie Chan to it," explained fight coordinator James Lew. "Rather than making him try to be funny, we tried to come up with situations that would bring out more of the comedy."

The behind-the-scenes footage features the technical side of many of Spencer's big fight scenes, and matches them up with the finished versions so fans can see how everything came together. Ashton definitely does put his all into the fights, which is especially impressive considering he never had any formal martial arts training before he was cast in "Killers."

"I fought a little bit out of survival from where I grew up. I've been in rear naked choke more times than I can count on your hands and feet. But this character sort of demanded a different kind of fighting style with an international military background," he explained.

Are you planning on buying "Killers" when it hits DVD Tuesday? Do you like watching the behind-the-scenes looks at fight sequences?