'One Tree Hill' News: More On The 'Life Unexpected' Crossover And Someone Goes To Jail!

After a practically spoiler-free summer, news about "One Tree Hill"'s eighth season is finally starting to trickle out. We couldn't be happier! Today's "OTH" news update includes three (three!!!) big scoops about the series.

First up: more deets on the "Life Unexpected"/"OTH" crossover episode. Joining Haley and Mia at Cate and Ryan's radio station concert will be musicians Sarah MacLachlan and Ben Lee. Perfect, we think—they're exactly the right kind of folky pop that Bethany Joy Galeotti does so well, so Haley will fit right in to that lineup. Plus, as our friends at Zap2It reminded us, Haley chose a MacLachlan song the first time she performed for her now-hubby.

Also on the "OTH" news blotter: Julian's mom is coming to town. Entertainment Weekly reports that she's being played by none other than "NYPD Blue" vet Sharon Lawrence. Mama Baker will come to town for several episodes starting in late October to help (read: wreak havoc) as Brooke plans her wedding to Julian.

And a bonus piece of "OTH" fodder: EW.com's Michael Ausiello had a teensy morsel of info about the new season in this week's Ask Ausiello column. "A major-ish character is going to do some time in the slammer this season," he wrote. "That's literally all I've got."

Major-ish?! What does that even mean? It can't be any of the series regulars, so we're thinking it's gotta be someone involved in Clothes Over Bros or one of the bartenders at Tric. Maybe they'll bring back Joe Manganiello for an episode? Swoon. Then again, Ausiello italicized the world "literally," so maybe he was trying to give us a hint that Chad Michael Murray is coming back and Mr. Big Shot Author Lucas Scott is the one heading to jail. Yeah, we don't think so either. But a girl's gotta hope.

What do you think about all the "OTH" news? Who do you think is going to be spending time in jail?