'Vampire Diaries' Casting Scoop: Maiara Walsh To Romance Steven R. McQueen?

Maiara WalshWe're hoping for plenty of answers when the residents of Mystic Falls return Thursday, Sept. 9 for the second season premiere of "The Vampire Diaries." Of course we want to know how the Elena-Stefan-Katherine-Damon love quadrangle equation will be solved, and how Tyler Lockwood's true wolf nature will play out, but we're also dying to see how Jeremy will move on after the tragic death of fan favorite Anna (played by Malese Jow). Could it be that he will quickly fall into the arms of another girl? Perhaps!

TV Guide is reporting that "Desperate Housewives" actress Maiara Walsh will appear on the Oct. 7 episode of "TVD" as high-schooler (and major partier) Sarah.

"Sarah is a girl who sets her eyes on Jeremy and encourages him to party it up at the Lockwood house," "TVD" executive producer Kevin Williamson told TV Guide. Considering executive producer Julie Plec already alluded to a growing connection between Tyler and Jeremy, it's no surprise Jeremy will be spending more time around the Lockwood residence.

As for Maiara's character Sarah, we don't have high hopes she'll live beyond one (or a few) episodes. We know how attractive partiers fare on this series: They (almost) always die (ahem, Vicki!). Whether it will be at the hands of a vampire or the pack of werewolves we're expecting in season two, remains to be seen.

What do you think about Maiara appearing on "The Vampire Diaries"? Could she ever replace Anna?