Drew Barrymore, Justin Long Spill Their Romance Slip-Ups

We've all done some pretty crazy things for love, right? (Please tell me I'm not alone!) And as well-intentioned and meaningful as these heartfelt gestures are, well, sometimes they don't go as smoothly as planned. If it's any consolation, even stars aren't immune to flirtation faux pas. When we sat down with on-again, off-again couple (or non-couple) Drew Barrymore and Justin Long to chat about their new movie "Going the Distance" (out Friday), they had a few cringe-worthy stories of their own to share.

"I once got sent an e-mail that was written in a sarcastic tone, but the person buried the lead and didn't say he was joking," Barrymore recalled of an ex's missive. "So everything in it was as horrible as you can imagine. That wasn't funny. That was a really poorly executed romantic gesture. I remember another boyfriend, he bought me a cameo [pendant], and he said it reminded him of me. And I thought, 'This old, silhouetted lady reminds you of me? Huh. OK.'"

While Drew was on the receiving end of some misguided affection, Justin was the perpetrator of his own romantic gesture gone awry. "This was actually a Valentine's Day thing," he said. "I went to the florist, and I saw these amazing orchids. There were, like, six orchids. It was tons of money ... but I thought, 'I'm going to do it. These are beautiful, and I'm pretty sure this person loves orchids,' " Justin remembered. "I brought them home. She was always so appreciative of just the smallest gestures I did, so I was like, 'Her head's going to explode.'"

But Justin didn't get the reaction he had anticipated. "She was like [he winces] 'I ... oh ... thank you,' " Justin remembered. "She had this story that was like a really troubling, traumatic experience that had happened to her that involved orchids that she had told me. I knew there was something with orchids, I just didn't remember that it was an awful association. It was bad. She was molested by a guy named Fred Orchid," he joked.

What about you, Crushers? Have your own cringe-worthy love story to share?