Alexander Skarsgard Says He Handles 'A Big Gun' In 'Battleship'

Oh, Alexander Skarsgård, how you made us swoon when you walked out at the Emmy's and presented using your Eric Northman accent, and how you then proceeded to confuse the heck out of us when you talked with a southern twang at the HBO Emmy's after party. You're a method actor, we understand, but you just finished wrapping a Swedish film, for goodness sake! Shouldn't you be talking with a bit of a Swedish lilt?

Unless, that is, you were just getting in character for "Battleship," which you flew out to start filming today. We don't know for sure if Alexander will be playing a southern commander, but we wouldn't put it past the film pitting the US Navy against invading aliens. Alexander was willing to shed some light on the upcoming film when we spoke to him on the red carpet.

"It's quite different from the board game obviously. But Pete [Berg] is a great guy, the director, and a very interesting filmmaker, so I'm just excited to start it," he said.

We would be excited to start filming too if our costars included the lovely and talented Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna and Taylor Kitsch. Though we didn't find out if he was practicing that down south accent for the film, Alexander did tell us, "I play a commander of one of the destroyers in the US Navy, so um, that's a big gun."

As to whether or not we'd be seeing him in 3-D, Alexander was not as forthcoming, only saying, "Uhh, no, I don't think so."

Were you able to figure out why Alexander was practicing a southern accent? Are you looking forward to the beautiful cast of "Battleship" as much as we are?

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