MULTIPLE CHOICE: What Outfit Should Rihanna's Wax Statue Have Worn?

Rihanna wax statueRihanna is known for her over-the-top looks. From the crazy outfits she wears on the red carpet, to her kooky concert looks, the "Rude Boy" singer lives for all things couture. So, when the Rihanna Wax Figure had its big debut at Madame Tussauds in Washington, D.C., we were pretty shocked to see the pretty tame outfit the people over at Madame's chose to put the singer in. Wearing super skinny pants, a black blazer and a sexy tank, they accessorized the sophisticated look with nothing more than earrings and a pin. Now, we know that Rihanna can do sophisticated just as well as anybody else, but we love Rihanna because she can do wacky better than most (other than maybe Lady Gaga). So it got us thinking: What more recent, memorable Rihanna looks would you have preferred to see on the Rihanna wax figure? If you don't like any of our options, as always, feel free to leave your own in the comments section.

Rihanna wax statue