'Breaking Dawn' Casting News: Rami Malek To Play Benjamin

The rumormill has been churning for months, speculating on just who will be joining the highly anticipated two-part finale of "The Twilight Saga" (remember those Lee Pace whisperings?). Well today, courtesy of ET Online, we have confirmation of one new "Breaking Dawn" face: "The Pacific" star Rami Malek. Rami will be playing vampire Benjamin, and, unsurprisingly, he's super-psyched to be joining the franchise. "I think it's going to be great," he told ET. "It's going to be super-exciting, and I'm thrilled."

You'll recall from the novel that Benjamin is a member of the Egyptian coven summoned by Carlisle to help battle the Volturi at the end of "Breaking Dawn." Benjamin's special vamp ability is controlling the elements, though he has yet to fully master his powers. He's described as a young-looking vampire with dark hair and olive skin.

Rami looks to be a great fit for this role. Though he's nearly 30 (29, to be exact), he oozes a boyish presence, and he certainly has the olive complexion and dark hair necessary to pull off the role physically. Plus, did we mention he has experience playing an ancient Egyptian in the "Night at the Museum" flicks?

What do you think about Rami being cast in the role of Benjamin in "Breaking Dawn"? Can any of you "Pacific" fans attest to his acting chops?