MULTIPLE CHOICE: Who Was Snubbed Worst At The Emmy's?

While we were pretty happy with the way the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences doled out awards last night at the Emmy's, we couldn't help but feel there were a couple of our favorite actors and shows who didn't get the love we feel they so rightly deserved! If only there were enough awards for everyone nominated. Shouldn't there be a Most Droolworthy Swede award for Alexander Skarsgård, or Best Almost-Incorporation Of Billy Bob Thorton Award for the "Friday Night Lights" final episode?

Until the Academy starts hearing our pleas (How about an honorary Emmy to Conan O'Brien for the Best Fan Support System Ever?), we'll just have to live another year wishing that one person had received the Emmy they deserved. Help us decide who was robbed the most by taking our poll after the jump, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section after the jump.