Taylor Swift's New Music Video For 'Mine': It's Another Fairy Tale Ending

by Aimee Curran

It's been two years since country cutie Taylor Swift released her smash sophomore album, Fearless, and it's obvious from the video for her new single, "Mine," that she's done some growing up in the meantime.

"Mine" is the first single off of her highly anticipated Speak Now album, which drops Oct. 25, and delivers what fans have come to expect from the songstress: Taylor + hot guy = their love story played out in three minutes and 57 seconds. However, for the first time since winning every award short of an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize, Tay has stepped away from high school boys and mean girls to tackle her first mature relationship. In the video, Taylor meets a cute college boy (played by "Black Swan" actor Toby Hemingway), who waits on her at a diner, and we see a flash-forward montage of what their life together could be. They fall in love and get engaged, but then Taylor fears their relationship is doomed just as her parents' was many years ago. Of course her towhead dreamboat says he'll never leave her (what guy would, sans Joe Jonas?), and she relaxes into the comfort of knowing she'll be taken care of forever and live out her happily-ever-after with a husband and two cute kids. It's adorable, PG and calls for a collective, "Awwwww!"

"Mine" director Roman White, who also directed the vid for "You Belong With Me," told MTV News that their latest collaboration is huge for Taylor as she moves into more grown-up subject matter. "I think she's growing into herself," he said. "She truly knows what she wants to write, what she wants to do, and she's putting it out there. She wants it to be out there so everyone else can see how she's evolving."

For her part, Taylor is also psyched about her progression (both personally and professionally), telling Entertainment Weekly that she has a "tendency to run away from love." "Mine" is her way of growing up and facing those fears. "This song is sort of about finding an exception to that," she said.

What do you think about Taylor Swift's new video?