'Breaking Dawn' Script: Melissa Rosenberg Says Battle Scene Is 'Enormous Challenge'

MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with "Dexter" writer-turned-"The Twilight Saga" scribe Melissa Rosenberg last night at the Emmy's red carpet. As is our natural response when face-to-face with anyone involved in the "Twilight" universe, we had to ask for any update on "Breaking Dawn," which begins shooting in November.

Fortunately, Melissa is the best woman to talk to considering she is writing the not-yet-finished script. She told us that the two screenplays (for "Part 1" and "Part 2") are about 75 to 80 percent completed. A bit surprisingly, it's the finale of the second film that is giving her the toughest time, and not "Part 1's" infamous birthing scene.

"The final battle sequence is a big challenge because it lasts 25 pages," she said. "It's almost an entire three-act story in and of itself. You have to track (keep it all in one setting) hundreds of characters. It's an enormous challenge to choreograph on the page and for Bill [Condon] to choreograph on the stage."

It sounds like Melissa has written versions of both screenplays, but it's just the matter of perfecting them that is the issue. Melissa said she hasn't had a chance to go over her ideas with director Bill Condon yet, which makes finalizing the script impossible.

"I've written a couple of drafts [of the scene]; I haven't gotten with Bill [to go over it] yet," she said. "That's the next big hurdle to sit down with the stunt coordinator and create the ballet. It's a lot of work. I'm exhausted, but we're intent on making them the best scripts yet."

Are you glad to hear that Melissa is almost done with the scripts? Does it surprise you that she is having the most trouble with the final battle sequence?