'True Blood' Recap: Episode 35, 'Fresh Blood'

Episode Title: "Fresh Blood"

Written By: Nancy Oliver

Story: Bill (Stephen Moyer) rescues Sookie (Anna Paquin) from Eric's (Alexander Skarsgård) dungeon with the help of slighted Fangtasia waitress Yvetta (Natasha Alam). Despite their tender escape and hope for a future where they start fresh, the two end up coming face to face with Eric and the mad king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare), who Eric convinced could walk in sunlight with the help of fairy blood. Meanwhile, Arlene (Carrie Preston) tries to use Wiccan techniques to abort her baby, which don't work, and Tara (Rutina Weasley) discovers the true nature of Eggs' death. She and Sam (Sam Trammell), who is taking out his anger with a big bottle of whiskey, seek comfort in each other, and Jessica (Deborah Ann Wolf) confesses to Hoyt (Jim Parrack) that she killed a man and drinks human blood instead of TruBlood.

Here Comes The Sun: The many storylines this season are beginning to converge as we lead up to Sept. 12's season finale of "True Blood." The seed of doubt was placed in Bill by Pam (Kristin Bauer) when she told him that Sookie came to Eric because she didn't trust Bill. After their escape, he tried to win back Sookie's affections with the promise of a fresh start, but it was pretty clear by the look on her face that she didn't think that could ever happen, and if it did, she wasn't sure it was something she wanted.

Eric went straight to the source when he confronted Russell in a museum and finally explained why he was so set on revenge. He then convinced the mourning king of Mississippi not to kill him because he knew the secret to vampires walking in the sun. Russell, always on a quest for power, was intrigued by the idea, and as Eric was about to take him back to Fangtasia he received a call from Pam informing him that Sookie and Bill had escaped.

Things seem to be looking up for Jessica and Hoyt, though, who had a steamy make-out session in Bill's home while Hoyt was still riding high on Jessica's vampire blood. She finally confessed to him that she killed a trucker for his blood, and now she knows how to control her feeding, she plans on continuing to pass up TruBlood for the real thing. Hoyt surprised her by saying that, if she needed to feed, she should feed on him, though I'm not sure by the look on his face if he was completely enjoying it or not.

The plot thickens as it was revealed that Summer's (Melissa Rauch) passionate advances at Hoyt were really fueled by his mother, who does not want her son to be dating a "bloodsucker." I have a feeling much of that plot line will be left to next season, as Mama Fortenberry will work to drive Jessica and Hoyt apart.

Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Jesus' (Kevin Alejandro) relationship was not faring so well, though, as the two of them came down from last week's V trip. Jesus tried to convince Lafayette to have another go with the vampire blood, but after seeing a weird flash of Jesus with the head of a monster (or evil sorcerer?), Lafayette kicked his boyfriend out for the night. Later in the night, Lafayette woke up and found himself being summoned to his living room by the dolls he kept around his house. This storyline doesn't seem like it will be completely wrapped up by next episode either, and when it does wrap up, it probably won't be for the best.

Continuing his downward spiral, Sam managed to piss off just about everyone he knows after coming into Merlotte's wasted and flipping out at Terry (Todd Lowe), Arlene, Tommy (Marshall Alman) and Holly (Lauren Bowles), causing the latter to quit. He then kicked everyone out of his bar, and everyone left except for Tara. She had just confronted Andy (Chris Bauer) about Eggs's death, and seemed to finally have some sort of cathartic response to his version of the tale. That, or she was just on the rebound more than usual during that hot and heavy hook up she and Sam ended up having. As for whatever nonsense Tommy was up to after Sam flipped out at him, it probably won't end up good.

After Holly quit, she took Arlene into the woods to perform a sort of Wiccan abortion on Arlene, who has been desperate to rid herself of Rene's baby. Holly prepared a concoction and explained to Arlene the risks of taking it, and also told her that some spirits that are meant to be born will choose to live. Arlene didn't pick up on the clear foreshadowing, and things seemed to be looking up when she was awoken by Terry during the middle of the night with what seemed like a miscarriage. He took her to the hospital where they were informed by the doctor that the baby was still alive and healthy. If that baby is evil, though, he probably won't appreciate the fact his mother tried to kill him.

Following Crystal's (Lindsay Pulsipher) reveal as a werepanther last week, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) decided he needed time to think and ran out of the house to find Sookie, who last he knew was missing. Instead, he discovered that the new Bon Temps football prodigy, who was looking to beat his record, was actually on V. When Jason threatened to arrest him, the jock told Jason that it was his coach who was giving him the V, his parents who were paying for it, and the principal of the high school was also using it to boost his sex life. Jason returned to his home and told Crystal that no one is who they appear to be, so he didn't care if she was a werepanther because he loved her. And then she informed him that they needed to go stop the raid he had called on her family's meth lab. He probably won't be so happy with whatever trouble comes from that little rescue mission.

After Russell and Eric stopped Sookie and Bill's little rescue attempt, they took the two of them to Fangtasia, where Eric set up a fight between him and Bill to seemingly give him a chance to explain to Bill the plan he had to keep Sookie alive. Sookie missed their exchange, so when Bill started telling Russell how Sookie's blood was enough to allow him to walk unharmed in the sunlight, it looked to Sookie like it was just another betrayal from the man who wants to marry her. As we know, the fairy blood only works to protect vampires from the sun for a limited period of time, but Eric and Bill convinced Russell that it worked indefinitely, and thus was the crux of the plan.

Russell demanded that Eric walk in the sun first, and on the security cameras it looked as though Eric stood outside unharmed. Russell joyously walked out of the bar while Pam stood silently crying and staring at the television security display, and Bill begged someone to release him so he could feed Sookie some of his blood so she wouldn't die. Outside, Eric revealed his slightly burned face to Russell, slapped some silver handcuffs around his wrists to hold them together and said that they would stay out in the sun until they die together.

Not all of the storylines dealt with in this episode will be able to be resolved in the finale, but it can be assumed that at least Russell's inevitable death (and Eric's inevitable survival) and Jason and Crystal's mission will be wrapped up by the end of season three. But Lafayette's new powers, the true nature of Arlene's baby and whatever is going on with Sam and Tara will probably have to wait until next season. But how about that tender moment between Pam and Eric in Fangtasia when he kissed her on the forehead, though? That has probably sustained itself as the best relationship left standing in the series.

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