'Twilight' Star Jackson Rathbone Lands Role On 'No Ordinary Family'

After a summer spent dominating the box office with "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" and "The Last Airbender," Jackson Rathbone is trying his hand at a different venture. The 25-year-old actor will appear on ABC's new series "No Ordinary Family" in what EW.com describes as a "potentially recurring role."

Since "The Twilight Saga" features vampires struggling to conceal their true identities and coexist with humans in the real world, and "No Ordinary Family" is about a supernaturally gifted family trying to conceal their superpowers and coexist with regular folks in the real world, the subject matter shouldn't be too much of a departure for Jackson. The one difference: This time, he'll be playing one of the humans.

EW reports that Jackson will appear as high school student Trent Stafford (man, this guy is going to be stuck playing a high schooler forever, isn't he?!), one of Kay Panabaker's classmates. Kay plays Daphne, a member of the aforementioned extraordinary family, and EW.com predicts she'll enlist her parents and brother to help catch the robbers who recently broke into Trent's house.

Jackson was a regular on the ABC Family original series "Beautiful People" (certainly an appropriate name), and has appeared on TV in guest spots on shows like "The O.C.," "The Cleaner" and "Criminal Minds," where he played a creepy serial killer. Let's hope this role will be a little more lighthearted (though we know Jackson's got the acting chops to pull off dark subject matter).

"No Ordinary Family" is one of the fall's hottest new shows, so we'll definitely be tuning in. Besides, we won't ever turn down an opportunity to watch Jackson act. The one problem: We're used to seeing his gorgeous face super-sized at the movies. How will we adjust now that he'll be appearing on the small screen?

What do you think about Jackson guest-starring on "No Ordinary Family"? Do you hope he becomes a regular on the series?