Nikki Reed On Her 'Twilight' Costars: 'We All Root For Each Other'

Isn't it nice to know that the Cullen brood supports each other both onscreen and off? When MTV sat down with Nikki Reed to chat about her upcoming film, "Last Day of Summer," she was quick to talk about how excited she was about all of her costars' current projects as well.

When asked which of her fellow "Twilight Saga" stars' work she was most looking forward to, she answered, "I guess all of them… I don't know! We all root for each other," before delving into each of their current film projects, surprising herself with her ability to remember everyone's movie names and costars.

She started off talking about her onscreen enemy and off-screen bff Taylor Lautner, who is currently filming "Abduction." "I love Taylor so much and I'm so proud of him and what he's doing," Nikki said, and then referenced "Abduction" by saying, "He's making a great movie in Pittsburgh right now."

It's hard to mention one "Twilight" hottie without mentioning the other, so Nikki then talked about Robert Pattinson's upcoming project before breezing over Kristen Stewart's equally awesome "On The Road."

"I'm excited for Rob's movie, 'Water for Elephants.' I think he's going to be phenomenal in that and Kristen is doing something amazing," Nikki said.

Then came her onscreen mother, Elizabeth Reaser, who apparently just finished filming a movie called "Homework." Nikki was just as excited about Elizabeth's involvement as she was with her friend's costars: Emma Roberts and Kristen Stewart's ex, Michael Angarano. Nikki referred to him as "a really good friend of mine" and ignored his other connection to the "Twilight" cast.

"By the way," Nikki added, "Jackson [Rathbone] and I are on the phone every other day because we're trying to find a movie to do together. I'm sorry I forgot to mention Jackson, and he's touring right now and his band [100 Monkeys] is just like sky-rocketing. It's amazing."

Nikki said she would be more than willing to direct one of 100 Monkeys' music videos. "Would I ever? Oh my god!" she replied excitedly when MTV suggested it to her. "Yeah, of course. I would be honored! I don't even want to take the position of saying 'would I ever.' If he would ever let me, yeah. I love them."

Are you as excited for the "Twilight" stars' upcoming projects as Nikki Reed is?