Chord Overstreet Will Be Chris Colfer's Boyfriend On 'Glee'!

After much suspense and fanfare, E! finally thinks they have figured out who will be playing Chris Colfer's boyfriend on the next season of "Glee," and their argument seems sound to us. When they spoke with Sue Syl — uh, we mean Jane Lynch last night, she said Kurt's boyfriend was already cast and "becomes the new star quarterback." She described him as a "good-looking kid" who's "tall, boyish with straight blond hair and big fat, pouty lips."

Well, "iCarly's" Chord Overstreet was recently cast as Sam Evans, a football-playing transfer student who initially befriends Finn but then becomes his nemesis. Chord is tall and good-looking with straight blond hair and some pouty lips. We'll let the dots connect themselves.

This actually ties in with what Chris expected Kurt's boyfriend to look like when we talked to him earlier this year. He thought that the bf should be the exact opposite of Kurt, which means really similar to Kurt's crush, the jocky Finn.

"I know they are going to be like a power couple. I've heard rumors that they are going to be homecoming kings. But I think someone definitely different from him," Chris said. "So maybe like a Finn, like a jock type. That would be really fun if he looked exactly like Finn!"

But it kind of went the opposite of what we were expecting when we heard from Chord that Sam and Finn would be enemies! We guessed their animosity stemmed from Sam getting close with Rachel, but little did we guess it would actually stem from his relationship with Kurt.

Chord looks pretty much the opposite of Cory Monteith, but other than that, all of Chris's predictions are spot on! And we are so looking forward to Kurt being half of one of the most popular couples in William McKinley. And what a dig to Finn that Sam is so similar to him and yet didn't have to be such a jerk to Kurt about his affections. We're hoping there can be some sort of on-the-field face off between the two of them!

What do you think about this casting news? Does it surprise you, or was a jock what you were expecting for Kurt's bf?