Ashley Greene And Joe Jonas Caught Kissing! We Have The Photo!

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas are making their love public all throughout the tri-state area. After taking in a Road Dogs game last week on Coney Island and then getting spotted kissing and shopping in New York City (we have the photo evidence of their canoodling right here!), Ashley was spotted at a Road Dogs game in Newark, NJ on Monday.

While the evidence has been clear for a while that these two were heating up in the romance department, we needed some photographic proof that something romantic was actually going on between the pop star and the "Twilight" star. And we needed some evidence that a public kiss between the two ever took place. And now we've got it! We have a photo of the kiss! This is a dark day for ladies who thought they had a chance with Joe and dudes who thought that Ashley was meant for them. CONTINUE READING TO SEE THE FULL-SIZE SHOT!

Photo: Asadorian-Mejia/Splash News


Both Ashley and Joe have been mum about the romance (we assume we don't have to use the alleged anymore!), and when Joe stopped by Fox News last week he would only take the high road saying, "Like we said, we try to balance personal and professional life…that's our personal life."

We respect their right to keep quiet about the relationship, and we do have to admit they make quite a fetching-looking pair.

What do you think? It's pretty hard to deny the two are pair, right?