Nikki Reed On Rosalie And Bella In 'Breaking Dawn': They're Like A 'Divorced Couple'

Anyone who's a fan of Bella Swan's relationship with the Cullen family is in for a twist when "Breaking Dawn" hits theaters next year. Nikki Reed is going to have a lot of room to expand her character Rosalie this time around, as Rosalie and Bella become closer than even Bella and Jacob during "Part 1" of the two films.

Their bonding started in "Eclipse," but in "Breaking Dawn" it takes on a whole new dimension as Rosalie completely defends Bella's decision to have her half-human, half-vampire baby. When MTV caught up with Nikki while she was promoting her upcoming indie, "Last Day of Summer," she explained the new dynamic to their relationship.

"What is that saying: Nothing makes two people bond more than the hate of another?" she said. "I kind of feel like that [describes Bella and Rosalie's relationship], but in relation to love in 'Breaking Dawn,' because they both love this child so much."

We already know Nikki's take on Rosalie's pro-life stance, but her perspective on Bella and Rosalie's new-found sisterhood is a bit more interesting, in our opinion.

"I think it's finally the one thing that's strong enough to bring them together — their love for this [child]. It's bizarre," Nikki said, referencing Bella and Rosalie's not-too-friendly relationship in the first three "Twilight Saga" books. "It's like they learn to co-exist for the sake of the kid, almost like they're a divorced couple."

What do you think of Nikki's take on Rosalie's perspective? Do you agree with her?