Nikki Reed 'Didn't Understand' Big Fuss Over Justin Bieber, But Now Admits 'He's Talented'

OK Justin Bieber fans, get ready to add yet another Hollywood starlet to your list of JB-supporters. 'Breaking Dawn' star Nikki Reed admitted to MTV News that she's officially been hit by "Bieber Fever."

Unlike many though, it took Nikki a little longer to jump into the Bieber fanbase, mainly because at first she didn't really get what the hype was about.

"I didn't really understand that for a while," Nikki said. But that changed after she watched Youtube videos of a six-year-old Justin strumming on the guitar.

"The excitement and passion in his eyes and his voice, this little tiny kid holding this big huge guitar ... he's singing, his voice penetrates into the world," Nikki said. "People across the street were listening, it's truly incredible. He's a talented kid."

Now, Nikki's hooked (welcome to the club!) and she totally gets why people adore the Biebs.

"He's got a very specific look and style thing that he's going for. I didn't understand or connect with that [at first], just like the Jonas Brothers, but I'm starting to get it with the Biebs."

About time!

What do you think about so many Hollywood starlets getting Bieber Fever?