Nikki Reed Would 'Do Anything' For A Guest Spot On 'True Blood'

Being the fans of the fang-ed that we are here at Hollywood Crush, (see: "Twilight," "True Blood," "Vampire Diaries," etc.) nothing delights us more than learning that the actors who portray the vamps in our favorite films and TV shows would love a vampire-on-vampire-type crossover as much as we would.

Case in point: "Twilight" actress Nikki Reed, who's been filming "Catch .44" with "True Blood"'s Deborah Ann Woll , is an admitted "True Blood" fanatic.

When Nikki stopped by to chat about her upcoming Indie "Last Day of Summer," we asked her if she and Woll connected over their blood bonds. (Pun totally intended)

"We’re both equally fascinated by I think the passion behind the admiration for vampires," Nikki explained. "I really love 'True Blood' and I envy her. I would do anything to have a guest spot on the show, hint hint," she said with a wink.

"That’s what we talked about most," Nikki added. "She was talking about 'Twilight,' and I was commenting on her show, and what we like about each other’s work, and I think that she wins."

We then suggested that we should get Nikki on the "True Blood" set to do some reconnaissance, but she revealed that she and Deborah have already planned it out:

"I’m going to visit her on the set one day, coincidentally, and be like 'Hey Alan! Alan Ball, how are ya? ... You know it could be funny because I’m in 'Twilight,' that could be funny?' I don’t think they’ll go for it," Nikki said. "[But] I’m willing to push myself."

And the kicker, for us (especially since this writer favors the warm-blooded weres over the vamps), would Nikki consider playing against type and tackling the role of a shifter, were or other being?

"I think I would like to try being a werewolf," she said.