Jonas Brothers Excited To Have Little Brother, Frankie, At 'Camp Rock 2' Premiere

We've all heard rumblings of Frankie Jonas over the years. He's even hit up red carpets with his older brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin. The kid's even made cameos on JONAS" and had his voice star in a flick, "Ponyo." And the kid is ready for his close-up and he's getting in "Camp Rock 2" where he plays Trevor.

His older brothers are super excited to have the youngest Jonas Brother on board and in the spotlight with them, even if they don't really approve of his premiere night wardrobe. When MTV News caught up with all the sibs at the "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" premiere in New York City they seemed a bit incredulous to Frankie's stripped beanie hat that he strutted down that carpet (like a pro, might we add) with.

"Frankie's in the movie. I know that was like your longest wish," Joe said. "You always ask how the Bonus Jonas is doing [and now] Frankie's in this movie and we're really happy for him. he's working the red carpet. He's chill. He really wanted to wear that beanie today. Me and Nick weren’t feeling it. But he looks he's doing his thing. [He's] 9. He's like 10 though. You're right."

What do you think of "Bonus Jonas" making a name for himself?