Cassandra Clare EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The 'Clockwork Angel' Book Trailer Now!

A confession, my fellow young-adult fiction fans: I have had Cassandra Clare's "City of Bones" on my shelf here for close to a year and somehow managed to resist the lure of the iridescent, tattooed and shirtless man hovering over the New York skyline on its cover. I'd read all the hype — and the best-seller lists — about the "Mortal Instruments" series, which follows 15-year-old Brooklynite Clary Fray into New York's supernatural underworld. But I think the size of the books, and even the expectation that I would be sucked into yet another fantastical world of vampires, angels and werewolves, made me procrastinate.

But now, with the release of the series' prequel trilogy, "The Infernal Devices," I have a new way in and no more excuses. "Clockwork Angel," set in 19th century London, tells the story of 16-year-old Tessa, who sets off to find her missing brother and instead finds out she has magical powers. The book is out on August 31, but we've got the exclusive book trailer right here.

The trailer's eerie blend of live action and computer animation, and its violent imagery contrasted with the actors' Victorian costumes, certainly have me intrigued. There are storming clouds, a startling vampire girl baring her fangs, young men dueling and a stolen kiss before a stained-glass window — a kiss the narrator tells us "is brief and desperate and wild" and tastes like "holy water ... and blood." Having never read the other books, I have no idea what any of it means, but I want to know more!

First, I turn to you, Cassandra Clare fans. Help us interpret the trailer, and share why you love the "Mortal Instrument" books in the comments below!