Jennifer Aniston And The Cast Of 'The Switch' Debate Blood Versus Sperm Donations

You're welcome for bringing you all a whole slew of "either your movie or something way funnier" posts over the past few weeks. Last week, we asked the cast of "Eat Pray Love" if they preferred Elizabeth Gilbert's mantra over "Jersey Shore's" gym, tanning, laundry." This time, we went a little more serious.

"The Switch," which hits theaters this Friday, is about a man who drunkenly decides to switch the sperm his best friend received from a donor with that of his own. It adds drama for the film, for sure, and hopefully the two main characters end up together, but we decided to ask the cast which bodily fluid donation they thought was sexier in real life: blood or sperm.

"I think it depends on what part of the world you're in. Different parts of the world need different fluids," Jason Bateman told MTV News. "Well, if I was in China, they wouldn't need any extra sperm. If we were in, let's say, Afghanistan, they might need some extra blood. I think here in America our fluids are tip-top. Thank god we live in a lucky place."

Uhh, thanks for that Jason, but this one was more of a "one or the other" sort of response. Jennifer Aniston at least knows the rules.

"I'd have to say sperm," she said, but then went the Jason route by adding, "It depends on your situation, I'd have to say."

Seems like the guys think a little different than the girls, though, because both Patrick Wilson and Jon Heder chose blood banks over sperm banks. Wonder why?

Jon explained, "I've only donated blood, so I'd have to go with that one." Get your minds out of the gutter.

Which do you think is sexier: blood donations or sperm donations?