Major 'Vampire Diaries' Character Set To Get Prequel Book Series

Vampire DiariesAll right "Vampire Diaries" fanatics, get ready to add another book to your must-read-list. Most fans of the show know that it was based off a novel, which told the story from Elena's point of view (it is her diary after all)! But now it looks like another major character is going to get his say.

According to EW, "The Stefan Diaries #1: Origins" will hit bookstands in November and focus on Stefan's relationship with Damon and Katherine. The books (yes, it's a trilogy!) should be especially exciting for fans who love "VD" flashback episodes because they are set during the Civil-War era.

Of course, there's one minor catch, L. J. Smith, the author of the original "Vampire Diaries" book series, will not be writing the Stefan prequels. Maybe she's working on Damon's diary? A girl can only hope!

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