'Glee' Clothing Line Comes To Macy's: Sue Sylvester's Track Suit Not Included

Macy'sWhen you head back to school this fall you'll be able to wear your "gleek" pride on your sleeve, quite literally.

Macy's has just released an exclusive line of "Glee" apparel, which includes everything from graphic tees to hoodies. While we'd love if the line was based on characters (we can't be the only ones who desperately want to dress like Jayma Mays' fashion forward guidance counselor) we'll certainly sport a William McKinley High School cheerleading top (all the fun of cheering, without the fear of Sue Sylvester!)

Macy'sThankfully, the clothes are for a "gleek" on a budget, as the line (which hit all Macy's stores this weekend) is priced from $20-$35. According to a press release, some locations will even have special events and "themed window designs highlighting key scenes from the series and actual wardrobe from the show."

Heads up if you live near the Beverly Center, as they'll be having a fan event on August 21 from 2:00-4:00PM with some of the show's stars!

Macy'sIf the line does well (with the huge success of the tour, the DVDs and the CDs, it's hard to imagine otherwise) we can only hope for a line of accessories to pair with the clothes.

An umbrella to guard you from dreaded slushie attacks would not only be helpful, but cute to boot!

Will you be wearing clothes from the "Glee" line at Macy's, Crushers? Let us know!