Demi Lovato Plans To Watch 'Glee' Season 2 For One Reason: Chord Overstreet

Unlike most of Hollywood, Demi Lovato admittedly isn't a Gleek. She's super busy these days working on an album, touring and promoting "Camp Rock 2." So, it's kind of unsurprising she hasn't had the time to check out "Glee" just yet. But, she has found a reason to watch and his name is Chord Overstreet.

You see, the "Camp Rock 2" cutie and the newest Gleek are old friends. "I've actually never seen 'Glee' before but one of my good friends just booked it and I'm really proud of him," Demi told MTV News. "So his name is Chord and he's like a brother. So, I'm really proud of him. I'll watch it now that he's on it."

It's only a matter of weeks before the show's second season kicks off and Chord joins the "Glee" club as Sam Evans, the new addition to New Directions. And here's a quick refresher course for Demi in case she might want to tune into the show. This is what Chord told us about his part on the show. Ready, Demi?

He recently revealed to MTV News that Sam, "moves into school, joins the football team." While Finn does "take him under his wing," Chord confirms later on the two become each others competition. He says that it "should be fun to watch." Um, duh!!