'Love And Other Drugs' Trailer: We're Prescribing The Jake Gyllenhaal And Anne Hathaway Flick

The trailer for the upcoming "Love and Other Drugs" surfaced over the weekend, and we've got to say that we are so glad we get to see Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal take another shot at onscreen love after their ill-fated go in "Brokeback Mountain" if this is what the product is. Due out November 24, the story follows Jake as a Viagra salesman and Anne as the girl who steals his heart, to nothing but glorious results.

Anyone whose seen "Rachel Getting Married" or "The Devil Wears Prada" knows that Anne is one phenomenal actress when she puts her mind to it, and Jake Gyllenhaal is... well, he's Jake Gyllenhaal. He doesn't need to prove himself to us, even in a crapfest like "Prince of Persia." But based on the trailer for "Love and Other Drugs," it looks like the two of them feed off each others' awesomeness for some pretty great performances.

Now let's give points for all the added extra awesomeness of this trailer. The first point goes to excellent use of Oliver Platt, who makes every project he's in just that much better. Second point goes to having "Animal" by Neon Trees as the main song in this trailer. Isn't it just so good?! And the final point goes to writer and director Edward Zwick, who is taking a break from historical epics ("Defiance," "The Last Samurai," "Glory") to make a romantic dramedy.

The basic formula for this film isn't anything knew — cocky guy meets free-spirited girl and she changes him for the better with love — but it looks fresh enough thanks to Anne and Jake's great performances that we're willing to see how their relationship evolves. And, honestly, we couldn't tell you right now whether they end up together at the end or not, which is always a good sign for one of these films.

Plus, Jake's a Viagra salesman, and does it really get any better than that?

What did you think of this trailer? Are you glad Jake and Anne are having another go at onscreen love?