Britney Spears On 'Glee': Which Songs Does The Cast Hope To Sing?

The upcoming all-Britney Spears episode of "Glee" (featuring none other than Brit herself) may have only been confirmed a few days ago, but the cast has been dreaming of the possibility for quite some time.

As a matter of fact, creator Ryan Murphy agreed to do it because, "So many of the kids on the show say, 'We grew up with Britney. We want to do Britney."

That's no shocker to us, because when we caught up with the cast at this year's Comic-Con, they were all ready brainstorming which Britney songs they'd love to sing when it actually came to fruition. Emmy nominee Chris Colfer had a pretty perfect suggestion for his character, telling MTV News, "I think Kurt would sing 'Circus.' Just so he could wear a top hat."

Meanwhile, Amber Riley thought a good song for Mercedes is "probably 'Stronger'", adding, "I like that song."

But, some of the cast can't pick just one. While Jenna Ushkowitz gushed, "I am very excited (about the episode)," Naya Rivera felt overwhelmed by the possibilities. The actress/Britney fan said, "There's so many great Britney songs to choose from, like, how do you pick just one? My fingers are crossed that my favorites will make the list."

Which Britney Spears songs do you want to see performed to on "Glee"?