Robert Pattinson's Pal Tom Sturridge Joins Kristen Stewart In 'On The Road'

Tom SturridgeThere's definitely some perks to being friends with famous people, though it doesn't help to be a bit of a star yourself. Tom Sturridge, who is best known in films as main character Carl from "Pirate Radio" (called "The Boat That Rocked" everywhere but the US), is arguably as famous for his film roles as he is for being one of Robert Pattinson's best friends.

The gossip industry was going crazy earlier this week when photos of Tom and Rob's alleged girlfriend Kristen Stewart were seen in Montreal, where Kristen is shooting "On The Road." Why was "TomStu" in Montreal? Was he really RPattz in disguise, whose mission was to let Kristen borrow his black and white plaid shirt? Or was the meaning much more sinister?

Turns out, Tom being there was as innocent as can be: he was cast in the movie. Gossip Cop confirmed today that Tom was cast in "On The Road," though his role is still unknown.

"He is filming in Canada at the moment for 'On The Road'," a representative for Tom told them.

Sure, being friends with Rob and therefore Kristen probably didn't hurt in his being cast, but still, anyone who has seen "Pirate Radio" knows he's got some acting chops on him. Plus, it's all the better reason for Rob to come hang out in Montreal with them.

Did you have a feeling Tom was there because he was shooting "On The Road"? What role do you think he could have in the film?