Julia Roberts And Her 'Eat Pray Love' Pals Weigh In On 'Jersey Shore' Mantra 'Gym Tan Laundry'

The mantra "eat pray love" is what Elizabeth Gilbert strove to live by in her book of the same name, whose film adaptation is hitting theaters tomorrow. But here at MTV, we know of another little mantra people of our generation are coming to live by: "gym tan laundry."

Would it surprise you that the stars of the "Eat Pray Love" — Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, Billy Crudup and Richard Jenkins — have no idea what GTL stands for, or its origin material? It shouldn't, because the idea of any of the four of them watching "Jersey Shore" just about makes our heads explode.

When MTV News got a chance to talk to the cast at the New York City premiere on Tuesday, Julia was a bit stumped when we asked her if she lived by eating, praying and loving or by gyming, tanning and laundrying. "What's gym, tan, laundry?" she asked. "Oh, I've heard of 'Jersey Shore."

Javier was no better off. "No. Gym, tan, laundry ... no. No, no! I don't even know what that means!" he said with a laugh. "I will look for it in the dictionary."

Thinking we were going in an entirely different direction, Billy replied to the question with, "I don't know that one. I thought you were going to say, 'Suck it,' and I was [going to be] like, 'That's not three words, to begin with, and that's not a mantra."

And apparently Richard doesn't have the widest knowledge of reality television, saying that he doesn't know "Jersey Shore" and only watches "So You Think You Can Dance."

Fortunately, the two "Glee" members who worked on "Eat Pray Love" were aware of the GTL reference, or at least of "Jersey Shore."

"Well, I know all about these kids. I know about JWoww, Snooki. I'm trying to get abs like the Situation," Mike O'Malley joked.

"I'm all about the tanning and the laundry," "Eat Pray Love" director and "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy said. "I'm too old to be tanning. I love those guys on that show. I think they're funny and amazing and quite brilliant at what they're doing."

Are you surprised these people had no idea about GTL? Do you live by EPL or GTL?