Britney Spears Appearing On 'Glee': It Was Her Idea, Confirms Ryan Murphy

For a while there, it certainly felt like our beloved Britney Spears wasn't following through with too many good ideas. But recently, the singer (who has been on the upswing) had one of the best ones we can remember in a long time. It was confirmed a few days ago that there would be an all-Britney episode of "Glee" (a la Madonna) but the news only got better when we found out the "Oops...I Did It Again" singer would actually appear in said episode.

Turns out, that was all Britney's idea! "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy told MTV at the red carpet premiere of his new movie "Eat Pray Love," "Well, it's her idea. She sort of wants to do a 'Where's Waldo?'-type thing with 'Where's Britney?'" Ryan goes on to say that Britney will "kind of" be playing herself in the season two episode.

Ryan, who says he's been a fan of Brit's for years ("I've always loved her," he told us) cites the cast (well, maybe not Matthew Morrison, who told US Weekly back in May, "I hope our show doesn't go that route.") as the reason for the pop star's upcoming appearance. "So many of the kids on the show say, 'We grew up with Britney. We want to do Britney. So I said, 'OK,'" adding, "but I'm filled with admiration for her."

We're guessing one of the people who championed for Team Britney was Heather Morris. Heather, (who plays, fittingly, Brittany) said at the Teen Choice Awards, if Britney were actually to show up on set, "That'd be so nerve-racking. She's rocking!" Now it seems as though their paths will cross, as yesterday on Twitter Iqbal Theba (Principal Figgins) spilled, "the Britney Spears episode is called Britney/Brittany."

Are you excited that Britney will be appearing on the "Glee"?