Levi Johnston Wants Kathy Griffin To Know He's Back On The Market

With a reality show in the works and being that he is currently unattached from baby mama Bristol Palin, it seems these days Levi is ready to play the field.

Which is why when MTV News caught up with the Alaskan native at the Teen Choice Awards (which he attended with Kathy last year) over the weekend, we wondered if he'd be down with giving Kathy another chance after her emotional plea at the Do Something Awards last month.

How sad was she when she found out that he and Bristol had momentarily rekindled their flame? "You're talking to me at a very emotionally difficult time because my lover, who I thought was my fiance, Levi Johnston, dumped me," she, um, joked. "I'm very raw about my feelings of being dumped. And I think any woman or gay man worth his salt will identify with my raw pain that is very, very serious."

And, he seemed quite receptive to the idea. "She's not here. Is she? OK," he pondered for a second. "Well I am single so she can give me a call. You can. I am [on the market now]."

So, Kathy are you into it? We'd be totally into watching the two of you hit up a red carpet again.