It's 'Step Up 3D' Vs. 'The Other Guys' In Today's Tweet Dreams

The Other GuysThis weekend it's all about the comedic duo of "The Other Guys" vs. the hot dancers of "Step Up 3D" And while we'd love to see Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell go toe to toe in a dance-off with Sharni Vinson and Rick Malambri, we'll just have to settle for a box office battle. "Step Up 3D" director Jon Chu has his sights set on number 1, telling followers "The day is FINALLY here!! Step Up 3D is officially released... get you're party together, dress up, go to the movie!"

But, don't count out "The Other Guys" (pictured)! Some celebs are already lining up to see the flick, including Paris Hilton who tweeted, "Can't wait to see "The Other Guy's" Love Will Ferrell and Mark Walhberg! Looks like a hysterical film!" Which movie will you be checking out this weekend, Crushers?

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@alysonontour Gotta admit...doin your first soundcheck in front of 5,000 is sorta bizarre. Is this really my life?

-Alyson Stoner, Singer, Actress ("Camp Rock 2," "Step Up 3-D")

@mirandabuzz I'm so excited for the Teen Choice Awards this weekend?!! I already picked a dress! Thanks again for the nominations ;) Means a lot.

-Miranda Cosgrove, Singer, Actress ("iCarly," "Despicable Me")

@leodicaprio Really appreciate all the #Inception support and Twitter buzz these last few weeks. Thank you!

-Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor ("Inception," "Shutter Island")

@peterfacinelli Finished shooting in Rhode Island. Hanging in New York for a few days. Think I'll get some pizza.

-Peter Facinelli, Actor ("Eclipse," "New Moon")

@jimgaffigan I’m on vacation now. This relaxing is exhausting.

-Jim Gaffigan, Comedian, Actor ("Going The Distance," "My Boys")

@sarahksilverman Q: What phone service does a ghost use? A: Veriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizon #ghostjokes

-Sarah Silverman, Comedian, Actress ("School of Rock," "Rent")

@nicolerichie Just told a joke. Crickets. Hmmm, maybe they didn't hear me. Gonna say it again, only louder....

-Nicole Richie, Designer, Reality Star ("The Simple Life")

@benjaminmadden @nicolerichie thats what i do. and then i say it Louder, and LouDer and LOUDER and LOOOUUUUUDERRRRRRRR

-Benji Madden, Musician (Good Charlotte)

@whitneyeveport Cinnabon could possibly be the best smell ever!

-Whitney Port, Reality Star ("The City")

@kanyewest I don't own a cell phone... No seriously, I don't own a cell phone!

-Kanye West, Rapper