Demi Lovato Has One Ritual Before Kicking Off Jonas Brothers Tour: Shopping!

By Eileen Reslen

Traveling across the country by day and playing rock shows at night sounds like such a rough lifestyle doesn’t it? (Yeah right!) But even with so much excitement, things can get a little TOO crazy and so they seek a bit of normalcy in their lives.

That’s why Demi Lovato recently shared with MTV News why she likes to squeeze in everyday teenage things when she’s not rockin’ out on stage alongside the Jonas Brothers on their “Camp Rock 2” tour.

"[I try to] make it a little bit more exciting when I go into a city rather than just go into a city, go into the hotel, playing a show, get back on the bus,” she said. "So I like to do things that'll change it up."

Currently in the windy city, Demi and the Jo Bros are hard at work rehearsing for their opening night at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre. However when they’re not practicing dance moves, doing a bit of sound check or rekindling romances backstage (Demi and Joe... we can only hope!), they spend their time just like you and me.

"Well, sometimes there's little errands, and sometimes I like to go shopping," Demi said.

Sometimes, Demi? "I'm a big shopper," she confessed. That’s more like it!

The young star seems to have something else in common with her fashion icon Kim Kardashian than simply embracing their curvy figures. Looks like both fabulous ladies love to push their credit to the limits!

"Given the amount of time that I have, I go to my favorite stores first, but then if I have time and I see a cute boutique store, I'll go there," she said.

The teen queen said she has her favorite places in different cities, so we were curious to know where in fun-filled L.A (where she lives and spends most of her time) she liked to go the most. "I stay home and spend a lot of time with my family," she said. "I go to Pinkberry [for frozen yogurt], and I just kind of get excited doing my own thing."

Fam time and fro-yo? A bit PG13, but hey she is a Disney star after all!