Stars Recycle On Set, While Others Lose Their Verified Accounts In Today's Tweet Dreams

JigsawAs we all know too well, every now and then Twitter has a few glitches. Some celebs experienced that firsthand today (no, it wasn't the dreaded Fail Whale) when they no longer had their accounts "verified." Included in that confusing blunder was actress Elizabeth Banks, who wondered, "Twitter Overlords, what did I do to lose my Verified status? I swear it's still me. *flirtatious batting of eyelashes.*" Meanwhile, "Parenthood" star Dax Shepard took a different approach to things when he became un-verified, as he posted, "Twitter, what have I done to lose my verified status? Were you pro-prop 8? Was it my snarky Palin comments? Are you Glenn Beck fans?"

For the stars whose Twitters were working just fine, many took time to talk to their followers about an important cause: recycling. ""One Tree Hill" actress Sophia Bush tweeted that, "First scene of the day at OTH and everyone is recycling! Joyous! :)," while her co-star and boyfriend, Austin Nichols (both pictured) gave fans a stat to think about: "Let's all be more like brazil. They have a 96.5% recycling rate."

Check out the rest of today's best tweets, including Emma Watson's much talked-about new 'do. Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!

@emwatson Yes, I cut my hair off a few days ago! I love it- feels incredible. Hope you like it! Photo on x

-Emma Watson, Actress ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows")

@katyperry Sometimes when my blackberry says, "do you wanna make an emergency call" I want to say yes... get me outta hereeee!

-Katy Perry, Singer

@taylorswift13 I landed in Japan and got 20 texts and looked at iTunes and got tears in my eyes. And so, we begin again. :)

-Taylor Swift, Singer

@jaredleto How's the voting coming for MTV awards? Got blisters yet? Good. :)

-Jared Leto, Actor, Musician (30 Seconds To Mars)

@jodellemicah Going to be on a Twilight cruise to Alaska in a few days. Are any of you going?

-Jodelle Ferland, Actress ("Eclipse")

@ogochocinco The Ultimate Catch snubbed for Best Reality Show at Teen Choice Awards but Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty makes the cut?

-Chad Ochocinco, Athlete, Reality Star ("Dancing With the Stars," "The Ultimate Catch")

@ashleenino Up early for another rehearsal! Jonas Bros/ Camp Rock tour starts in 2 days! Who's coming?”

-Ashlee Nino, Dancer, Reality Star ("So You Think You Can Dance")

@joejonas @ashleenino I think I'm gonna go

-Joe Jonas, Musician, Actor

@melodythornton I started following a guy because he's cute... I jus saw his pic and started following him. #theultimatedweeb!

-Melody Thornton, Singer (Pussycat Dolls)

@snoopdogg Bout to start dropping some videos dedicated to my twitter friends Now back to your regular scheduled Snoop Dogg program!!

-Snoop Dogg, Rapper