Jennifer Aniston Is In Search Of Sperm In New 'The Switch' Clip

By George Loomis

Jennifer Aniston is about to switch it up. We’ve recently seen her on the run with her ex-husband, managing a neurotic dog, and even stalking Alec Baldwin’s character on “30 Rock.” But this time around in “The Switch,” Jennifer’s dramatic need is simpler and perhaps a tad less urgent. Her character, Kassie Larson, is just looking for good sperm.

“This is what a woman’s fertility looks like after a certain age,” Kassie explains, pointing to a downward slope, in a new clip. “So I would like you to be the first to know, I’m having a baby… and I am in the market for some semen... and I need you to help me find some.”

Hard to imagine how I would react if a friend told me this, so Wally — Kassie’s best friend in the film, played by funnyman Jason Bateman — does an impressive job of remaining empathic on nearly every account.

What happens next, at least from what we can tell from trailers, is Wally does help Kassie, but forgets to tell her that he thinks he replaced her preferred sample with his own.

Do you like seeing Jennifer Aniston opposite Jason Bateman, and will you see "The Switch" on August 20?