Anna Faris' Rom Com 'What's Your Number?': Joel McHale Calls His Character An 'A-hole'

Thanks to the incredibly sexy, male-heavy cast of "What's Your Number?," Anna Faris is one lucky actress. It's her character, Ally Darling, who has the tough job of trying to figure out who of her previous 20 boyfriends is The One.

We caught up with "Community's" Joel McHale at Comic-Con and got a chance to talk to him about his character Roger, who as it turns out is Ally's (un)lucky number 20.

"I'm the guy [Ally] thinks she's supposed to marry for a moment and then she quickly realizes why she shouldn't," Joel tells us, describing Roger as an "a-hole." When asked Ally should pick Roger, Joel said, "Because he doesn't smell his balls. My character just has a really bad habit that you'll have to see."

The premise of "What's Your Number?" is that Ally's sister, played by Ari Graynor, tells Ally that after 20 men, she should have found The One. Since Roger is number 20, but doesn't seem to be The One, Ally decides to go back through her previous boyfriends and see if she missed something in one of them.

The other boyfriends include Chris Evans, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pratt, Andy Samberg, Dave Annable and Martin Freeman. Joel implied that we wouldn't be seeing all 20 boyfriends in the film, though, and that the one Ally ends up with might not even be one of the 20.

"The premise is that once you get to 20 that should be the one," Joel said. "But then it's not any of those people... maybe it is, I don't want to spoil it."

Are you excited to see "What's Your Number?" when it comes out in 2011? Do you like seeing all these pretty faces together in one place?