'Camp Rock 2' Star Alyson Stoner Calls Her Character 'Less Selfish About Seeking The Spotlight'

By George Loomis

The Final Jam” may not have been the best choice of titles for the second installment in the “Camp Rock” series, because no one — including actress/dancer Alyson Stoner — is ruling out a third chapter. When MTV News caught up with Alyson at Monday’s premiere of “Step Up 3D” in Hollywood, Alyson dished on her character and hinted that the series could, maybe, keep going!

“That’s gonna have to be decided once the people see it, and we’ll see how it’s received, [so] maybe,” Alyson confessed, regarding the possibility of a “Camp Rock 3.”

Asked about a good story for the potential third chapter, Alyson spilled, “We’d probably be going to college so it sort of would be similar to [“Step Up 3D”], [about] discovering what your passion is, your true passion."

As for the evolution of Caitlyn Gellar, Alyson had more than enough insight to offer on the subject. “She’s still Mitchie’s loyal friend to the end,” Alyson said of her character, known for providing sick beats for her friends at camp. “But she’s less selfish about seeking the spotlight this time around, and more focused on working together as the group, because they’re trying to save the camp from being shut down.”

Working is what Alyson’s all about these days, as she promotes “Phineas and Ferb,” launches a pro-health campaign with Crest and Oral-B, and appears in “House” on September 27. And though she didn’t have much to say about Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas performing together post break-up (“I have no idea what’s going on. I’m so far removed… wish I could help ya!”), she did mention prepping with them for the tour.

“I’ll be seeing them in about seven hours after I fly to Illinois after the premiere and go to rehearsal — straight to it — for the tour. We’ll be on tour until December,” she said enthusiastically.

Will you be seeing Alyson perform with Demi and Joe this summer? What do you think “Camp Rock 3” should be about if the series continues?