'Vampire Diaries': A First Episode 'Game Changer' Brings Bonnie And Caroline To Forefront Of Season 2

If finding out Jeremy's fate (vampire or not?!) on "The Vampire Diaries" season premiere didn't sound exciting enough, just wait until you see the new twist executive producer Kevin Williamson teased to Hollywood Crush at Comic-Con two weeks ago. Apparently, there's going to be plenty of action — and all of the characters will be around to watch it take place.

"Something happens in the first episode that’s sort of a game changer," Kevin said. "Everyone here was sworn to secrecy because it involves everyone. It’s going to help launch us into the second season in a fresh way and it will be fun."

And, thankfully, the game-changing event will also include our favorite female sidekicks, Katerina Graham and Candice Accola. If you thought the fact that both Kat and Candice were conspicuously absent from the "VD" panel at Comic-Con was fishy, fear not: their absence from San Diego was due to work scheduling, not casting cuts (we think...nothing's for certain on "VD" after all). Kevin told MTV News at the time, “Well, someone [referring to Candice] had to work today — well, Friday and tomorrow — when everyone was traveling!”

Actually, Kevin said he's excited to give the show's sideline characters a lot more camera time in season 2. "What’s nice about this is that Matt, Caroline, Tyler, and Bonnie were all sort of our secondary characters — they are not part of the triangle. Now, all the storylines I wanted to tell last year and didn’t have time, I can tell them. I’m grateful I can tell the stories I’ve been sitting on. It will involve Caroline and Bonnie and Matt and Tyler, and a new triangle will be born."

A new triangle, eh?

While Kevin didn't elaborate too much, he did confirm that the show is casting both the new character Vanessa (whom Damon and Alaric will meet while researching vampire mythology at Duke University), and another young lady. "At the moment, we’re also casting a love interest for a girl in between a friendship." Our theory: that girl will get in between Matt (Zach Roerig) and Tyler (Michael Trevino).

As far as specific plot information involving the supporting cast, Kevin shared an interesting tidbit about that little witch, Bonnie regarding that promise she made in the season 1 finale — to go after Damon if he kills another innocent person. "Bonnie had a wonderful season, and she’s going to hold true to her promise," Kevin said. "I think she says it in the first episode [of season 2]: she meant what she said, and she meant business. So she takes a point of view, and she doesn’t let up on it."

What do you think about the news that Matt, Caroline, Tyler, and Bonnie will all have more screen time? What do you think about the new love triangle?