Alicia Silverstone's 'Vamps' Gets Many More Men As Filming Begins In Detroit

Wow, it has been five solid months since we've heard any significant news on Amy Heckerling's newest film "Vamps," which stars Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter as two beautiful vampire BFFs named Goody and Stacy who live in the Big Apple. Fortunately, our patient waiting has paid off with a whole slew of new casting news.

It's by now old news that Sigourney Weaver joined the cast as vampire queen, Ciccerus, and Todd Barry has signed on board to play her assistant, Ivan. Somehow we doubt he is there to play either Goody or Stacy's love interests, but will more likely lend his comedic background to add some humor to the already "Clueless"-in-tone film.

In seemingly every traditional vampire film, you need a Van Helsing, and fortunately Amy's modern flick is no different. Wallace Shawn has joined the cast as Dr. Van Helsing, a well-known vampire expert and hunter, and Dan Stevens has come on board as Joey Van Helsing, the college student son of the good ol' doctor who just happens to be crushing on Stacy.

Last but not least, Justin Kirk ("Weeds"), who you might know better as Elizabeth Reaser's main squeeze (we bet she can offer him a tip or two!), will play Vadim, a Russian vampire the press release says is "always on the prowl for a good time" and we're guessing will be some semblance of a love interest for Goody. He sure is cute enough for it.

Rounding out the cast are stand-up comedian Richard Lewis, who plays a former student activist who is now an ACLU lawyer (can we see where this film is headed?), and "3rd Rock From The Sun's" Kristen Johnson, who plays Mrs. Van Helsing. Filming is currently underway in Detroit, which will be standing in for New York City.

Are you excited about this film? Do you agree with these casting choices?