'Step Up 3D' Cast Shows Off Their Dance Moves On Premiere Red Carpet

By George Loomis

No one should be surprised that out of all the summer blockbusters, the cast that brought all the right moves to the red carpet was that of "Step Up 3D." Not only does the latest flick of the dance movie franchise step it up to the third dimension, the actors and dancers in the film stepped it up, too, at Monday’s premiere, by revealing their real-life dance moves outside Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre.

One cast member in particular, Alyson Stoner, seems to be dancing the heck out of Hollywood these days. “I’m learning how to do head spins right now,” she said of her go-to move. “So maybe that’s my favorite move of the moment.” Don’t forget to check back with Alyson in September, though, when she appears in “Camp Rock 2.” Her go-to move just might change!

Not everyone’s choices were as ballsy as Alyson’s. Co-star Stephen Boss showed us a safer go-to move with his throwback to “the prep.” “[My go-to dance move is] the prep, the old-school prep, see the prep... That’s my go-to move because you can do that anywhere,” Stephen explained of its appeal. “You can do that in the car, in the store. You can be like, ‘What? That’s on sale? What?’ It’d be good.”

“A hallowback,” said Keith Stallworth of his personal go-to move. “You’re on your hands. You’re upside down, and you have your chin tucked in your chest and you’re pushing all the way through and bending your legs so they are just about to touch the ground.” Quite the workout!

As the red carpet continued, Chad Smith got completely robotic on us — in a way that made us wonder if he is actually a machine — and Kendra Andrews and sister Erin (yes, that Erin Andrews) went all out with a full-on, head-turning demonstration. Oh, girls and boys, the moves get way crazier than I can even describe; watch the clip yourself to fully understand! And yes, Tyra Banks is involved...

Do you like seeing a cast have so much fun together on the red carpet? Who do you think had the hottest go-to move?