'Breaking Dawn' Part 2 Will Be Released On November 16, 2012

While there still seems to be some back and fourth over whether or not actor Lee Pace was approached to star in the next installment of "Twilight," we can report that today, some actual legitimate "Breaking Dawn" news has surfaced from the powers that be at Summit Entertainment.

When we checked in with Summit distribution chief Richie Fay early in July, he said that the release date for the second part of the movie had yet to be determined because they were waiting to see how well "Eclipse" would perform (a.k.a should they go with a summer date or return to winter time?). Well, the chilly temperature apparently won because it was just announced that part 2 will be out November 16, 2012. That's practically a year to the date in which part 1 is released (November 18, 2011), but we bet those 365 days will still be just as excruciating!