'Twelve' Star And 'Twilight' Fan 50 Cent Jokes About Making A Cameo In 'Breaking Dawn'

Back in November 2009, rapper and actor 50 Cent, who can be seen in this weekend's "Twelve" alongside "Gossip Girl" babe Chace Crawford, made an appearance at the "New Moon" premiere. He explained then that he was there because he wanted to take in the energy of the fans and congratulate the studio on their success.

So, when MTV News caught up with the man named Curtis Jackson last week at the New York premiere of "Twelve," we wanted to know if he had been approached at all about a part in one of the upcoming "Breaking Dawn" flicks. He is a fan, too, after all.

"No I haven't. I haven't!" he laughed. Not to point fingers, but we're hoping that by the time the cast and crew hit the set for the last flicks, director Bill Condon would have reached out to 50 and give him a part. We have no doubt that behind that laughter is a legit desire to join the franchise. In fact, we will personally back a 50 Cent For "Breaking Dawn" campaign should someone decide to start one!

Plus, if he were to make an appearance, the rapper's previous goal to sign Robert Pattinson to his label could actually happen. "He has a big enough following to be the frontline," 50 laughed at the time. "'Twilight' ain't no joke."

Would you want to see 50 Cent in "Breaking Dawn"? Why or why not?