Madonna's Material Girl Clothing Line Launches At Macy’s In New York City

By Eileen Reslen

Madonna and daughter Lourdes' clothing line (a.k.a. Material Girl) hit stores today and we were on the scene with some of the shoppers at Macy's in New York City as they received the original Material Girl treatment by walking on a pink carpet, eating sprinkled cupcakes and even jammin’ to some of Madonna’s greatest hits!

But, while the music icon herself wasn’t actually present at the Macy’s premiere, fans of the line were greeted by some 80s inspired Madonna lookalikes that had you think you were seeing double (or at times quadruple).

And whether you are age 15 or 25, fashionistas agree that the mother/ daughter duo has discovered exactly how to bring out your best style at any age.Maria Paula Garcia, 11, said wearing these clothes would surely make her stand out from the crowd.“We don’t see this everyday,” she said of the line. "The skirts definitely [I would wear to school].”

It’s not just school girls who are looking to show off their amazing style. Even the working gal can make a statement in one of Madge and Lola’s designs.

Clothing designer and Madonna superfan Rebecca Szymczak, 27, said there are a range of looks that make it easy to choose outfits for a day inside the office or a night out in the city. “You definitely see kind of like a younger more street vintage inspired vibe and then you can see the more refined and tailored silhouettes,” she said.

However it’s not just look of the clothes that draws in a crowd because apparently the price tag is just as appealing.

“I was thinking the prices were going to be out of control and it’s actually really affordable,” Cheryl Martin, 29, said. “I could buy 20 pieces of Material Girl merchandise and be happy with it versus buying some other big designer brand.”

And as if free cupcakes and cute clothes weren’t enough of a great deal, a free concert was given by spokesmodel Taylor Momsen this afternoon at 5 p.m. at Macy’s!