Justin Bieber To Star In His Own 3-D Movie-- We've Already Got Spin-Off Ideas!

Justin BieberIf there's not already a media-monitoring organization called "Biebwatch" that's specifically dedicated to combing the news for mentions of the illustrious Justin Bieber, then someone had better get on it — and quick, because The Biebs is blowing up! Today, right on the heels of the announcement that Justin is penning an illustrated memoir to be released in October, we heard the equally amazing news that His Beebness is going to star in a major 3D feature film about his life, which will be released in 2011.

No doubt Justin will handle his big-screen debut with the same confidence that he's handled pop superstardom (and the occasional run-in with a deadly revolving door), but we're more excited about what this movie could mean for the future of film — namely, all the spinoff sequels that Justin Bieber: Movie Star could bring to a theater near us. And because we love to be helpful, we've put together a list of five more Bieber movies that we'd love to see.


Justin Bieber: The Revenge

In this action-packed followup, Justin goes head-to-head against a malevolent group of washed-up popstars with a nefarious plan to take over the world. With the power of music on his side, Justin will struggle his way to a climactic finish in which he defeats the evildoers in a thrilling sing-off. The movie will also star Mariah Carey in a cameo role as a spiritual guide, the Obi Wan to Justin's Skywalker.

Justin Bieber: Back in Burgertown

A feel-good film about being true to yourself, this movie features Justin abandoning his superstar lifestyle in order to get back in touch with his hometown roots. Returning to Canada, Justin takes a minimum-wage job at a local burger shack, where his can-do attitude leads his fellow burger-flipped to follow their own dreams. The film will feature Christopher Walken and Angelina Jolie as Justin's parents, along with the show-stopping original song, "Beeb-burger in Paradise."

A Beeb for All Seasons

A period piece set in 16th-century England, this musical reimagining of the classic story about corruption during the reign of Henry VIII features Justin as the principled Thomas More. With such songs as the show-stopping dance number "Divorce is the New Black!" and the slow-croon ballad, "You Can Take My Head (But You'll Never Take My Heart)," the soundtrack to this riveting drama will become an instant classic.

Justin Bieber and the Mystery of the Wailing Banshee

Excitement! Adventure! Intrigue! Justin Bieber, Private Eye, is called to a dilapidated house on the outskirts of town where an eerie screaming keeps emanating from the attic windows. Using his powers of popstar deduction, Justin determines that the grounds are being haunted by the spirit of a long-dead opera singer who still yearns for one last performance. The film concludes with the hit original song, "One Less Lonely Ghost."

Bieber on the High Seas

Justin gets his feet wet, as he joins the crew of a commercial fishing boat. Despite a complete lack of fishing skills and highly mockable hair, Justin perseveres and brings a new appreciation of music to the rough-and-tumble tough guys who make their living on the open sea. Featuring Brad Pitt as the salty sea-dog Captain Pinchwaffle, Ian Somerhalder as his troubled First Mate, and Chace Crawford as a lonely tuna fish looking for a friend.

Are you going to see Justin's new 3D movie? What other kinds of sequels do you see him starring in?