'True Blood' Star Joe Manganiello Hints At Where Alcide's Story Will Take Him In Season 4

Unfortunately for the "True Blood" spoiler seekers out there, the cast is just a touch too media savvy to know not to spill any big plot secrets. Take our recent chat with newly-named series regular Joe Manganiello for example, who, when asked about season 3 finale teasers, said: "The end of season 3 is nuts! What it opens up for season 4 is crazy!" (Thanks for those specifics there, Joe).

He did, however, cross into spoiler territory when he let us in on Alcide's overall character arc. "I know for my character, I got to talk to Charlaine [Harris], because she just wrote the tenth book and Alcide is in the tenth book," Joe explained when we caught up with him at Comic-Con 2010.

"We talked about his arc," he continued, "and his trajectory and I think really, his arc is this reluctant construction worker who doesn’t want to be any part of it, he just wants to be left alone to go nurse his broken heart but he gets roped into all of this and winds up, in the books [SPOILER ALERT]] becoming the pack leader."

The 33-year-old actor also revealed that there will be a war for control within the pack, and that Alcide's journey, "is dealing with that beast he’s suppressed inside of himself and tried to hide and how that when that beast comes out how he starts giving into that power," he explained. "That affects him in the end sort of corrupts him a bit. So, it’s his battle wrestling the wolf inside him."

To which Kristin Bauer commented with a hint of sauciness: "The beast coming out of Joe ... It’s all good."