'MADE: The Movie': A Band Geek Tries To Become A Cheerleader In New MTV Flick

Turns out the whole time the stars of “Made” were aspiring to become basketball players and beauty queens, MTV’s hit series had its own high hopes of being made ... into an original, full-length movie! This month those dreams come true when “MADE: The Movie" — which comes via writers of “Clueless" — hits TV screens everywhere on Tuesday, August 24 at 10/9c.

The film version of “Made” may be fictional, but portrays the same exact themes as the Emmy-winning show. Meet Tuba (Cyrina Fiallo from “Everbody Hates Chris”), who will do anything to get out of the band and onto the squad. “I’m really trying out; it’s my dream,” the desperate yet determined heroine declares in the flick’s trailer, when a cheerleader breaks her butt (yes — her butt!) and leaves an open spot.

As you’ll see in the clip above, Tuba accepts help from Andi (Rachel Skarsten), her popular brother’s girlfriend and a standout cheerleader. Tuba shows off her spunky side, but could be embarrassing her mentor. And though Tuba and Andi have more in common than one would think, is the fun at Tuba’s expense? Find out what she’s made of August 24 on MTV!

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Do you think “MADE: The Movie” does justice to the series about little people with big dreams? Does it look like Tuba has any chance of making her goal a reality, and will you watch on August 24?