Olivia Wilde Passes On The Hottest Woman Alive Torch To Katy Perry

Last year at Comic-Con, Megan Fox willingly gave Olivia Wilde the title of hottest woman on the planet, and this year Olivia continued the tradition of beautiful humbleness by passing that title on to Katy Perry, who Maxim put number one on their list of 2010's Hot 100.

While giving MTV News' Josh Horowitz a tour of Flynn's Arcade from "Tron" at last week's convention, Josh jokingly brought up the passing of the title from Olivia to Katy. "What? What? What!" Olivia replied in mock outrage, before saying seriously. "It's great. She is hot. It's fantastic."

We're sure there's actually no such thing, but Olivia continued the joke by saying that — similar to the Miss America pageants — Maxim will take Olivia's top hottie crown and have a celebration where they place it on Katy's head as their own sort of baton passing ceremony.

There seemed to be no hard feelings coming from Olivia though as she told Josh in all seriousness, "It's funny. I think everyone is similarly amused by the whole thing, and it's great." Does Olivia really have anything to worry about? We all know she will always be one of the hottest ladies on the planet.