'Breaking Dawn': Melissa Rosenberg Says She'll Give The 'Essential' New Vampires 'A Presence'

There's plenty to look forward to in the final two installments of "The Twilight Saga," but while most of the attention being placed on "Breaking Dawn" parts one and two focuses on the birthing and imprinting scenes, there are plenty of other questions about the production of the film that need to be answered.

For instance: there are so many new vampires introduced in the second half of the book that Stephenie Meyer had to add an appendix to help keep them all straight.

Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter behind "The Twilight Saga" who was at Comic-Con to speak at a "Girls Gone Genre" panel, was willing to chat with MTV about her work on the "Breaking Dawn" script, and about just how she was going to handle introducing so many new characters in such a short period of time to ultimately just stand around.

"It's extremely challenging to introduce those new characters because you already have quite a slew of characters to service," Melissa said. "The Cullen family is large, the wolf family is large, you have three leads ... finding room for all of them is a challenge. For me, it is about pulling forward the ones that are essential and really making sure they have a presence."

Or in other words, pulling forward the ones that actually do something. We're guessing the Denali coven (especially Tanya and Irina, but also Eleazar, Carmen, Kate and Garrett) get some good scenes in the film, and are probably developed a bit more in the films than they were in the main "Twilight Saga" (yes, we know Edward goes and hangs with them for a bit in "Midnight Sun"). The American nomads — Peter, Charlotte, Mary and Randall — will probably get some screen time as well, considering Jasper had lived with them in the past.

Melissa said that she hopes that "all of [the new vampires] will be there in one shape or another," but we think that Summit will need a whole extra movie to aptly introduce the Amazonian coven (Zafrina, Senna an Kachiri), the Egyptian coven (Tia, Amun, Benjamin and Kebi), the European nomads (Alistair, Charles and Makenna), the Irish coven (Sobhan, Liam and Maggie) and the Romanian coven (Vladimir and Stefan). See, we needed a whole new paragraph! But as long as there are actors cast in each of the roles, so we can watch the film and be able to pick out which new vampire is which, we will be happy "Breaking Dawn" viewers.

Part of what's nice about Melissa is that she is so tuned in to social networking sites, particularly her Facebook, so she takes into account what the "Twilight" fans think she should include in the scripts. "I ask people to really weigh in with what are their favorite scenes in the books, what's important to them," Melissa said. "And there generally seems to be a consensus about one scene or another. It's really helpful for me and I'll interact with them sometimes."

Our suggestion to all of you is to send her your thoughts on which of the new vampires are absolutely integral to the "Breaking Dawn" films so she hopefully includes them in the scripts at some point or another. Who knows, maybe you could have some say in the final turn out of the films!

And, of course, share who you absolutely cannot live without in the comments section below or on our Twitter!