'True Blood' EXCLUSIVE: Mike McMillian Confirms Rev. Steve Newlin Will Return

The third season of "True Blood" has thrown some new villains at Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) including King Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) and Franklin Mott (James Frain), but let's not forget that there are some classic bad guys still out there lurking about the swamps of Bon Temps.

Take Reverend Steve Newlin, for example, the vampire-hating preacher played with expertise by Mike McMillian. MTV News spoke with the actor at Comic-Con this year while he was promoting his new comic book series "Lucid" from Archaia Press. During the interview, McMillian confirmed the news that "True Blood" fans have been hoping to hear: Reverend Steve is coming back!

"You have not seen the last of Reverend Steve," he told MTV. "That's probably all I can say!"

Of course, that's not all that McMillian could say, as the actor went on to praise his "True Blood" colleagues for giving him the "best acting experience I've had so far."

"Working with Alan Ball and that entire cast and crew is absolutely amazing," he said. "Being a part of the comic world and being a fan of comics myself, it's really cool to play a character that plays a role of a villain that in one season may be a major part and then goes away and waits and is there to strike again. That's an archetype that comic book fans are very familiar with, so to be this character that's a part of this larger universe that they've created over there is so much fun for me."

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