'Vampire Diaries' Season 2 Werewolf Dish: When Will Tyler Completely Transform?

It's a good thing the "Vampire Diaries" wardrobe department isn't headed up by Matt Davis and Paul Wesley. If it were, the show's newest supernatural beings — werewolves, naturally — would look more cheesy than badass. At Comic-Con last weekend, MTV asked the guys what they think their co-star Michael Trevino will look like as a wolf. Let's just say their answer was less than serious.

"He's going to look like 'Teen Wolf,' like Michael J. Fox. You ever see that? He's going to be on the basketball team," Paul joked.

"His eyes are going to get big and he's going to spring a couple of chest hairs [insert bing bing noise here]," Matt said.

"Yeah, and, like, two little floppy ears," Paul added.

Michael, who actually plays the werewolf in question, wasn't too pleased with his castmates' teasing. "Let's just all gang up on Trevino here," he griped.

In all seriousness, Michael said the wolves will be very realistic looking — probably because they're using real wolves. Seriously. "Well, I don't want to look anything like 'Twilight' because they have abnormally large wolves or canines or whatever you want to call it," he said. "[That's] CGI. We're going to be using real wolves that we are auditioning right now."

In fact, Michael said that this past Monday (July 26) is when he would come face-to-face with his new furry friends for the first time. "I get to meet a few of the wolves and we do a test run, interacting with them and things like that, seeing which ones will work."

Both Michael and creator Kevin Williamson confirmed that Tyler will complete a full transformation during a full moon, but it won't happen until episode 8 or 9. "I'm not really sure yet where he will actually go through the transformation, but a lot leads up to that. It's a very multi-layered curse," Kevin hinted.

Consider us howling and ready to go!

What do you think about "Vampire Diaries" using real wolves? Would you prefer a CGI transformation?

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